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Attorney drafted Florida, Maryland and Virginia NFA Gun Trusts*

*See All Other States or the Digital Download for states other than Maryland and Virginia

Potomac Gun Trusts

I started this practice to help Maryland gun owners protect their property and ensure a safe, legal transfer of ownership through a valid Maryland gun trust.  I have expanded my practice to include an attorney admitted to the Virginia and Florida bar in order to meet client needs.

My NFA gun trust practice is my own private practice that I do independently of my other full-time job thus I am available after 5pm 7-days a week.  I am available via email, telephone, or can utilize video teleconferencing such as Facetime or Skype.  Most of the time, a few email exchanges will enable the gun trust to be established and sent to you in hard copy quickly.  You then have a legal NFA gun trust without having to leave the comfort of your home.

My focus is on preserving the rights of law abiding gun owners through drafting comprehensive and robust NFA (gun) trusts.  I offer basic gun trusts as well as complex gun trusts for clients that may wish to provide a legacy through a long lasting gift in the form of firearms.

It is important to understand that a gun trust is not simply a mechanism to procure NFA firearms.  They are, or should be, highly specialized trusts that address the myriad of complex issues surrounding trust ownership and transfer of property upon incapacitation or death.  Trusts are important legal documents that can have far reaching consequences if drafted improperly.

I have reviewed numerous trusts available with a simple google search or handed out by local guns stores that are poorly drafted, do not meet the legal requirements for a valid Maryland trust or both.  The implications of an invalid gun trust that owns an NFA firearm are significant.  If the trust is not valid, that means the NFA item is considered contraband by the BATF.  The penalty can be 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  Since this falls under the tax code, the penalty can also include confiscation of any property associated with the contraband such as your home, car, boat, etc.

If you think you may have a trust that is not valid or may not be sufficient for your estate planning goals, there are legal ways to remedy the situation.  Consider too who you received your gun trust from. 

As a gun owner and enthusiast, I want to ensure my fellow gun owners have the proper gun trust that is legal.  This included not only individuals but businesses as well.  If you own a gun store and feel that a gun trust is a service that your customers need, please contact a lawyer.  Gun store owners who are not lawyers and provide gun trusts are engaging in the illegal practice of law.  You do not want to end up providing your customers with a felony through illegal ownership of a NFA firearm due to your poorly drafted trust nor would it be conducive to a favorable review of your FFL.